3710 Lafayette Road

‚ÄčIndianapolis, IN 46222

Our studio offers high quality artwork in a sterile facility. We love to do custom artwork to give our customers a unique experience. Our artists range from portrait style to traditional tattoo artwork. With our artist being very different in personalities we strive to give our valued customers a once in a lifetime experience. 

We also offer professional piercings. Our piercers have been in the industry for over 10 years doing quality, precise piercings. They strive to satisfy every modification they feel comfortable to do. 

Here at Steel Rod Tattoo we put quality over money. There will always be money to be made so we do not rush our artists.

About Our Shop

What We Offer

Steel Rod Tattoo studio has been in the body modification industry for 10 years. It was founded on a Hot Rod/Tattoo theme. The owners passion for cars and tattoos landed him with the first themed studio in the Indianapolis area. Our studio is located minutes from the infamous Indianapolis Motor Speedway. 

Steel Rod Tattoo